Why I travel, how it has changed me and why I love to do it!

I have many reasons why I love to travel. It is so worth it and if you get your priorities right you can do it too, promise!!

What I love about traveling:

1. Experiences. You experience so much when you are traveling the world, which most of the things you may not experience at home. So far I have seen many Mayan Ruin sites which are absolutely breathtaking, and truly mind blowing. I have also seen the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt which are MASSIVE!!! It took my breath away the size of them and to actually be seeing them in my own eyes. While in Egypt I also saw Abu Simbel which is absolutely amazing as well, a must see if you are in the area! I have seen Petra in Jordan which was absolutely beautiful, all of it. Taking the route in through the Siq, a narrow gorge, over 1km in length, which is flanked on either side by soaring, 80m high cliffs is definitely an experience I will not forget. Before the end of our journey in Jordan we went to a Greco-Roman city called Jerash. WOW!!! Jerash took my breath away, not only because I had not heard of it before so I wasn’t expecting something so beautiful and amazing but also because it was huge (as in HUGE)!! Other than just some of the places I have been I have seen some really amazing things as well… In Palenque, Mexico I saw fireflies in the jungle; this is something you honestly need to see at least once in your life for sure! I have been snorkeling in Belize at the world’s second largest barrier reef, it truly changed me, an experience I am grateful I got to experience.

2. Appreciation. Traveling makes you realize how small you really are in the world. I live in Northern British Columbia, Canada where we are really fortunate about what we have. Some of us may not see it that way though and take it all for granted, I can’t speak for them but I definitely don’t feel that way thankfully. Growing up my family didn’t have a lot so I truly appreciate everything that comes my way, but, once you go traveling, you see things and start to think about things differently. You see a lot of people that live out on the streets, young kids begging for money because their family doesn’t have any, kids and adults starving and just desperately trying to make a living each day for their family. In some rural areas in Honduras 61% of families live in extreme poverty, surviving on less than $1 a day… It’s truly sad, but I feel like when we travel to these places we are helping the tourism industry in those areas and supporting local businesses which I feel very good about. Traveling to these places and seeing all of this definitely makes me think about how fortunate I really am.

3. Knowledge. Traveling is priceless for the amount of knowledge you receive. You learn so much about each and every place you go, that is if you choose to. But, it’s so much more than that… You gain knowledge, compassion, personal growth, appreciation and respect. As I said up above, it changes you, you see people that live their lives in ways that may seem impossible to you (wages of $1 a day), please have compassion, put yourself in their shoes and try to live and see things the way they do.

4. People. You meet so many new people when you travel, I have only traveled with G Adventures and on their tours you travel with around 10-16 people. I’ve been on 3 tours with them so far, my upcoming tour will be number 4, and I have been very fortunate with the groups of people that I’ve traveled with on those tours. (I hope that doesn’t jinx me :P) It’s not only the new people that you get to meet in your tour group but also the people you meet in the places you are traveling. In Central America people are so friendly and overall very nice, yes many people always tell me bad stories about certain people or places but from what I have experienced everyone has been great. In Egypt it is a whole complete world compared to where I live so people live their life way different than me and they aren’t used to seeing girls with blonde hair and blue eyes so I definitely was stared at a lot. I wish the political issues and tourism in Egypt weren’t having such a hard time while we were there because it definitely made it harder to communicate with the locals, everyone was desperate to make a sale in order to bring some income home to their family, it made it quite stressful. Overall though, everyone is usually quite nice. :) I love meeting other people that have the same interest (travel) as me.

I love traveling, I honestly feel so fortunate to have been and seen the places that I have. I am always thrilled to go on another adventure, I live to travel and travel to live. <3

Get out there and see the world!! ^_^

What do you love about traveling? Have any stories to share?? :)

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