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UK Vacation – Flight Planning Tips

Travel planning can be exhausting at times; viewing website after website and in the end you’re still left wondering what you’re going to do?!

It doesn’t have to be that way!

There are many sites out there to make your planning experience a breeze; one of the most important websites you’ll come across while travel planning is a flight booking site!

You want a good flight booking website that will help you find the best deals, layover times and layover destinations; as well as, getting you to your destination in comfort yet not breaking the bank!

Booking hotels takes a lot of work


Tips for booking your flights:

Don’t book flights during the weekend: Flights tend to be overbooked, which also means crowded, on the weekends. It’s recommended to book your flights towards the middle of the week, if possible.   Look at the details: While viewing the details you may notice a layover in a destination you’d like to visit; planning a few days layover to explore could potentially break up your long-haul flight to your final destination.   While looking at the details…: Be sure to view your in-flight amenities; plug-ins, meals included, in-seat television, etc to see what’s included… or what isn’t!   Work around the best deals: If you’ve got your head wrapped around a vacation but you’re not 100% sure where, be flexible! Book your trip around flight deals instead of a specific destination.   Be flexible: Your travel dates could mean the difference of a couple hundred dollars! It’s quite common to find a cheaper flight when you’re flexible with your travel dates.   Travel Insurance: While traveling abroad, travel insurance is a must! Don’t leave home without it. Believing “it couldn’t happen to me” could land you in a really nasty situation, even if it’s just a terrible sickness while away. Mexico-6949 - Bye to Coba

Where in the world can you go?

There’s so many places to go and see… you can narrow it down by thinking of how far you’d like to travel. Traveling around Europe isn’t nearly as long-haul of a flight as flying to say, Mexico would be!

Depending on the season it may be well worth the flight to land on some beautiful sandy beaches in the Caribbean than snow in London, haha.

On a side note…

Did you know you on some flight booking websites it is possibile to book your excursions and activities from the comfort of your own home. All that’s left is packing your bags, getting on your flight and having the trip of a lifetime; which has been wonderfully prepared for you, by you, from afar!

It doesn’t get much better than that! Why would you pre-book your excursions while at home? I, personally, find it to be a bit more comforting booking online or from home than when I am away because, typically, booking in person at a destination requires handing off your credit card or finding a way to get local currency if you didn’t already bring some!

What are some of your tried and true flight booking tips? I’d love to hear in the comments below!

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