Trip Update – Current location: Roatan, Honduras.

So, we are currently in Roatan, Honduras. We started our adventure in Antigua, Guatemala. Antigua is a very cute little town filled with colorful buildings and surrounded by volcanoes. :) We weren’t there for long though, we left a day later and headed into Honduras… To Copan to be specific. :) We got to Copan in the evening, went for dinner and than bed. The next day we headed to the Mayan Ruins of Copan which were magnificent!! So happy I finally got to see them with my own eyes!! <3

After visiting Copan we spent some time in the town of Copan and than headed off to the hot springs that are located about an hour out of town. We got to the hot springs and had a nice soak, had some mineral mud and than it started to pour. We went down to the eating area and there was thunder and lightning, after getting some food the power went out… Lovely. :P Candle lit dinner! We weren't sure if we were going to be able to get back because of the rain but all was well and we headed back to the hotel. :)

The next morning I got up at 4am and than we left at 5:45am. It was an early day! We travelled all day yesterday, from 6am till around 8pm. To say the least I was very very tired!!! We went for dinner and than directly to bed! Today we spent the day exploring Roatan, tomorrow we might go snorkeling along the reef! Life is good, traveling has been well so far. Longer than I've ever done but we got through it ;) That's my update so far! ^_^

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