Traveling Central America Part 2 – Nicaragua & Costa Rica

We got to Leon at almost 1am so the next day was a rest day for me. Most of the group went to go volcano boarding in the morning while the rest of us hung out around the hotel. We were supposed to leave in the early afternoon so I didn’t want to leave the hotel to explore the town. But the group was really late so I ended up sitting in the hotel for a long time and didn’t really explore the town of Leon! Oh well! :)


We left Leon, Nicaragua in the afternoon and started our journey to Granada, we got in that evening and went for dinner at a nice little restaurant. :) The next day we did a full day tour … we left Granada and went to a Fort that had dungeons built underneath to store political prisoners. o.O There were torture chambers and rooms with no light whatsoever, it was quite eerie. After we explored the fort/prison we headed to Masaya Volcano. We stopped to check out the lava flow from 1772 and then drove up to the crater of the volcano where we got to look into the crater. It was pretty cool, no we did not get to see lava, but we saw clouds of sulfuric gases. After hanging out for a bit around the crater we went to a lookout over Lake Apoyo, a beautiful lake in Masaya. We finished our day tour with a stop at the ceramics workshop where Thomas and I bought a couple jars. They were beautiful and way under priced compared to what they would cost here in Canada. Once we got back to Granada we walked around town a bit, stopping at a Chocolate museum to get some treats and I ended up getting my first facial ever! :P It was great!! Granada is a very relaxing colonial town. :)


Our next stop on our adventure was to the Island of Ometepe! The island of Ometepe was formed by the two volcanoes, Volcano Concepción & Volcano Maderas. We took a chicken bus from Granada to the port and then a one hour ferry ride over to the island. This part of the trip was very new for me, we stayed with the locals in home stays organized by Planterra. We had a main area where there was hammocks to lay in and relax or picnic tables to sit at. We had a ‘beach’ entrance into Lake Nicaragua and free access to wifi, kayaks and volleyball if we wanted. Our whole group got split into groups of two and three and placed in different houses with different families. It was a great experience! I just wish I had know how to speak Spanish better because our family only spoke Spanish but they went about ways to make us understand and we did the same. While on the island we had a couple different options for activities to do on our full day there. We chose to do an Island tour which turned out great!! We went for a hike through a nice jungle region of the island and up to a viewpoint, then we went to some springs to have a nice soak, after the springs we went into the town to check out an old, original church and some old carvings, after all that we went for lunch and finished our day off checking out some petroglyphs. We had a really nice stay on Ometepe Island, I really enjoyed our time there. :)


After Ometepe we set out for Costa Rica!! I have already been to Costa Rica, which you can find many blog posts on here if you look back about 3-4 months ago,  but I was very excited to go back again! We left Ometepe by ferry to get back to the port, then caught a private bus all the way down to the boarder of Costa Rica and then got picked up again by private bus once we were inside Costa Rica. We were on our way to Monteverde, we stopped in Liberia, Costa Rica to get some lunch before continuing our travels. A lot of the roads were paved and nice but there was quite a few gravel roads that were not so great. :P It was an adventure! This whole tour has been a tour of long travel days and very twisty, windy roads. :P Anyways! We arrived in Monteverde and went for dinner at the same restaurant we went to when we were there a couple months back, I loved that restaurant! If you’re ever in Monteverde, Costa Rica check out Sabor Tico. It’s located right by Hotel Cipreses. After dinner we headed back to the hotel for the night, the next day most of the group signed up for ziplining which I was planning to do. Unfortunately, once we got to Monteverde my stomach started to churn and I felt quite ill. I signed up for ziplining but in the morning I felt quite sick to my stomach and decided to skip out on it, instead we went to town to look around a bit, after awhile we started to feel really under the weather again so we endd up going back to the hotel and resting a bit. Our time wasn’t very well spent in Monteverde unfortunately because we weren’t feeling very well. But! The good thing about this is that we had already got the chance to do all of the activities we missed this time last time when we were there a couple months ago! So, it worked out well!


We left Monteverde early so we could get to La Fortuna early and take advantage of most of the day. A lot of the group set out to do some activities while Thomas and I walked around the town with some friends and showed some friends around because we had already been there and were familiar with the town. We eventually went back to our hotel and it started to POUR!! We were in the reception and couldn’t make it back to our room without getting soaked so we just sat there for hours. We had internet so I got some blogging done and contacted some family but then I started to get hungry… :/ We could have walked to town but we would have been so soaked it wasn’t really worth it so… We ordered pizza :P The next day we had planned to go to the Arenal Volcano National Park with some friends so we got up early and left! We hiked around through all of the trails, it was a great day! We saw a White Nose Goati in the jungle and took lots of photos and a few videos of him, we also saw lots of butterflies and crazy, creepy spiders! La Fortuna was a great time, I would highly recommend going there to check out the Arenal Volcano, though lava does not currently flow out of the volcano it is still a very nice town to visit.


Well, unfortunately La Fortuna was the last stop on our trip. After La Fortuna we travelled to San Jose and then flew out the next morning. :( Boo!! I hope you enjoyed following my adventure. <3 Here’s one last picture. ^_^


<3 – Dawn Kealing.

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