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Travel Tips: Saving money by hiring a rental car in the UK

Want to see the most of your destination while on vacation? Want to travel on your own schedule? Want to be able to control when or where you stop for a pee break? 

If you said yes to two or more of the questions above you should really think about hiring a rental car!

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7 tips to help you save money on your next rental car…

When planning your travels, finding ways to save money is something everyone looks into; especially, when you’ve been scrounging every penny for your trip! If you’re heading to London, or any part of the UK, and want to make the most of your trip; with the flexibility of having your own schedule.

We have 7 useful tips to share that will help you save lots of money when it comes to renting cars abroad.

Tip 1: Look for coupons online – Before you leave, check out discount coupons or promotional offers online, for the rental car companies at your destination. You can easily save 50% or more on the cost of car rental fees, just by using coupons.

Tip 2: Book the car for longer than you really need – This lets you take advantage of the lower rates for longer bookings, even though you return the car a few days early. Of course, this strategy only works if the car hire agency doesn’t have an early return penalty.

Tip 3: Don’t forget to negotiate – If you land at London airport without previously booking a rental car it always pays to negotiate. You might be lucky, because if there is a glut of cars standing idle in the airport lot, then the rental company is more likely to lower their price just to move the cars.

Tip 4: Check out any discounts for paying before you leave home – Some rental companies will give you a substantial discount if you book and pay for your car hire before you arrive in the country. So check online, and you could make some significant savings.

Tip 5: Join an airline loyalty program – Many airlines have partnered with car rental companies, giving you not only discounts on rental fees, but also earning you extra reward points.

Tip 6: Use your credit card to pay for car rentals: Most of us know that credit cards also provide insurance when you pay for the car hire using their credit card, but they can also offer discounts on the actual car hire as well. So investigate the benefits of using your credit card to pay for the costs of renting a car and save even more money.

Tip 7: Find out about road toll fees – The UK has lots of toll roads without toll booths, so check with the rental agency about paying for these fees as you travel around the country. You can pay tolls online within 3 days, but be very careful, because if you don’t pay these tolls on time, you can be up for a hefty penalty. Here’s a link to the UK Government website addressing which roads have tolls and the cost to use toll roads, bridges and tunnels within the UK road network. – https://www.gov.uk/uk-toll-roads


These tips will help you save on your car rental; while, also making it easier to travel your own way.

If you’re unsure where to start you can check out an Australian company that offers car rentals throughout the UK; they are DriveNow and they have a lot of savings to offer when in comes to rental cars all around the globe.

London Eye, United Kingdom, UK

Westminster Palace, London Eye, United Kingdom, UK











Don’t miss the sights because you’re running on someone else’s schedule; rent a car and see what you want, when you want to!

Have you ever used a rental car during your travels? How was your experience?

I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

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2 Responses to “Travel Tips: Saving money by hiring a rental car in the UK”

  1. Christa September 2, 2015 at 3:49 pm #

    Is there a website that lists where the tolls are so you can be aware of them before driving around the UK? That happened to us in Ireland and we were almost too late paying the toll!
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    • Dawn Kealing September 4, 2015 at 12:03 pm #

      That’s a great idea, Christa! I’ll be sure to add that to the article; it really could come in handy! I’m glad you weren’t late paying your toll!

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