History of the Coyotepe Fortress…

Coyotepe Fortress was initially built in 1893 by President Zelaya in order to stop attacks from conservative forces, mostly North American armies, from Managua, Masaya and Leon.

Photo Credit: http://tiny.cc/fo8pbx

Photo Credit: http://tiny.cc/fo8pbx

In 1948 an underground dungeon was built to hold many political prisoners; it is said that at some points this small fortress held over 800 prisoners at one time! So, remember when I said dungeon? I’m not joking, many of the cells were crammed so full with people they could not even move… let’s not get into how they went to the bathroom.


There are three floors to this underground dungeon which means the prisoners in the bottom floors got very little, if any, light. There were many brutal punishments inflicted on the prisoners daily, from guards urinating on them from above to being completely chained to a wall, who knows what was inflicted upon them from there… Out of all the brutal punishments I heard about during my tour through the fort the most brutal torture, in my opinion, would have to be when the prisons who were stored in the very bottom of the dungeon for long periods of time, which means seeing absolutely no light, are blindfolded then brought outside, eyes pointed at the sun and then they removed the blindfold. It is said that many people were permanently blinded & some were killed by this punishment.


There is so much history in this fort; it is most certainly worth a visit if you are in the area! As well, there is a great view point at the fort where you can spot many different volcanoes, Lake Apoyo, the town of Masaya and the town of Granada.

This was just one of the few activities we did during our stay in Granada, if you would like to know more about our stay in Granada check out my Destination Guide.

— Dawn Kealing.

Have you ever visited a place that has a sinister political past? 

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