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The Best Beaches in Nova Scotia

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My family and I have been coming to Nova Scotia for summer vacations and beach holidays for as long as I can remember. What continues to bring me back again and again is the incredible diversity of beaches in Nova Scotia. There is something for everyone.
Whether you want to relax on sandy white beaches, go on an adventurous hike, have a camping adventure, or discover the historical side of Nova Scotia, you will find something here. There is an endless amount of breathtaking beaches to such an extent that you’ll find yourself exhausted and needing to rest the next day, but these are a few of my absolute favorites that I find myself continually coming back to.

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Big Island Big Island, as you may have guessed by its name, is incredibly large, stretching for miles and miles. It is the perfect beach for someone who wants to have a quiet and relaxing experience. This beach is beautiful any time of year. It’s a great place to relax in the summer, or see the beautiful ice and snow along the beach in the winter.
Carter’s Beach Carter’s Beach may possibly be one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. This soft white sand beach is perfect place to search for sand dollars, spend a day relaxing on the sand, or play in the beautiful water. Even though so many people are drawn to Carter’s stunning blue waters, it still manages to stay secluded and quiet, making it a truly enjoyable experience.
McNabs Island Provincial Park This large island is only a short boat ride from Halifax in Nova Scotia. You can enjoy a picnic on the beach, or even stay the night camping. It is an incredibly beautiful beach where you can have the opportunity to watch the boats come and go from Halifax. But, what truly makes this beach unique is the historical presented all over McNabs Island. You can find forts from the 1860’s scattered throughout the island, giving it a unique charm. You can even find tours that will show you historical secrets of McNabs Island.
Clam Harbour This beautiful long wide beach has everything. There is a relaxing picnic area, hiking trails, boardwalks, changing rooms, showers, and of course beautiful sandy beaches. I personally love to use the Nova Scotia Hiking Trails iOS App to help me discover new hikes in the Clam Harbour area. Just be sure to keep your information and location secure while travelling by using a VPN on your smartphone so you can stay safe online and watch Netflix under cover on the extremely rare rainy day. However, what truly makes Clam Harbour stand out is its Clam Harbour Sandcastle Competition that takes places every August. Whether you participate, or are just a spectator, you will surely be amazed by what creations are made during this festival.
Hirtles Beach This beautiful beach has also managed to stay secluded and not overcrowded; while still having a great beach community. Hirtles is not the warmest beach, but it’s surrounded by warmer, small, mini ponds that are much more enjoyable than the cold ocean water. Hirtles Beach is perfect for anyone who desires a rustic and unspoiled beach that’s perfect for any age.
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Bay of Fundy If you’re a history, geology or dinosaur fan, then you will fall in love with the Bay of Fundy. While relaxing on sandy white beaches is great, enjoying the beautiful coast while digging for fossils is even better. Over thousands of years the tides have eroded the cliffs, slowly exposing new fossils constantly. Fossils include everything from primitive fish, ancient sharks to dinosaurs.
If you are a fossil nerd like me, you may enjoy visiting the Joggins Fossil Centre. The building itself is beautiful, and has a stunning view. You can even try searching the Bay of Fundy yourself for fossils. If you’re not already impressed by dinosaur fossils, the Bay of Fundy is also home to many beautiful gems including quartz agate, amethyst and jasper. The Bay of Fundy is truly like nothing you’ve ever experienced.
With so many beautiful beaches to choose from, it can be a challenge to decide which beach in Nova Scotia is perfect for you and your family. Hopefully this guide has been helpful in your decision making process. But, don’t worry, if you can’t decide. There’s no reason you can’t explore more than just one!

Do you have any experience travelling to Nova Scotia? Do you feel as though your favorite beach was left out? Leave a comment below as we’d love to hear what you think!

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  1. Tanya Parks November 18, 2015 at 2:54 pm #

    It sure is beautiful!!

    • Jess November 29, 2015 at 4:06 am #

      Just stunning, one of the most gorgeous places on earth!

  2. Marcus Williams February 15, 2016 at 11:44 pm #

    I just love how you pieced your adventure to Nova Scotia together Jess, and the photos are just amazing. I’ve been reading quite a bit about the place and it sure does have a lot of fun out door activities. Hopefully by the end of the year, I’d be able to visit it myself. Any personal advise on the subject?

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