The Adventure Begins!

So, we made it safe and sound to Vancouver today, spent the day relaxing and now it’s bedtime! Bedtime at 9am tonight because we’re up at 3am. :O Yikes!

We started our adventure today leaving home. Tomorrow morning we leave on another flight to Guatemala City!! Whoot whoot! So excited! I am also excited to meet our new group and see our CEO again! :D

We are going to try and pick up a local SIM card for our IPhone while we are in Central America.

Anybody have any tips on getting a sim in a different country??

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2 Responses to “The Adventure Begins!”

  1. Chris October 4, 2013 at 9:05 pm #

    Main issue is to make sure the phone is compatible. They’re all GSM nowadays, but the bands used are different in some countries. A phone intended for North America won’t normally work in Europe, for example.

    Some of the South American countries (like Argentina) use the same bands as Canada and the US, but some use the bands used in Europe (and Africa and Asia). Guatemala is apparently one of those, so you might have an issue.

    On the other hand, some phones are capable of operating on all the bands – if you have one of these so-called “world phones”, you should be fine. Find a pay-as-you-go cell provider, you should be able to buy a SIM.

    • dawnkealing October 4, 2013 at 9:10 pm #

      Hello! Thank you for the tips! :D We currently have an unlocked Iphone 4’s on a Canadian pay as you go contract. How would I find out if it is GSM? :O

      If all fails with the iPhones we may just buy a cheap phone there.

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