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What is travel?

Is travel a 12 hour flight across the ocean? Is travel flying to a new country? Is travel flying to a new city? Is travel getting in your car and driving to a new town? What is travel to you? I’ve always felt as though there is a misconception of what travel really is. Travel is […]


Go adventure & find yourself!!

  Stay tuned for tomorrow’s awesome post on the stunningly beautiful Colonial City of Granada! I will be covering what you can do while you are in Granada & close surrounding areas, cheap places to eat, many different activities to do while in Granada and MORE!! Stay tuned!! — Dawn Kealing. <3

2013 Canadian Weblog Awards – Nominee

Yesterday I awoke to a notification on Twitter, and WOW, was I ever surprised!!! This blog, Life, Love and Adventure, has been nominated under the categories Life & Travel for the 2013 Canadian Weblog Awards!!! To whoever out there nominated my blog, I thank you. <3 (more…)

I love my Job(s)! :)

So, before you all think I am crazy I will assure you that I am telling the truth. I truly do love my jobs. :) Where do I work? I work at a tattoo shop called, Happy Monkey Tattoo. I am not a tattoo artist but I help with the designing process and I am also […]

10 Facts About Me. :)

1. I LOVE to travel, could you tell?? I have always had a severe case of wanderlust, but travelling has only become a recent possibility for me. Yes I have made sacrifices to be able to do it but it’s what I truly love to do so I definitely don’t see it as a negative. […]