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Travel Writing

As my Travel Writing course comes to an end I am rather sad yet thrilled about all the new and exciting knowledge I have to bring forward in my blog writing! The course has been a great learning experience; I feel honored to have gotten my travel stories read and critiqued by the delightful, Vivien […]

Hello? Is anybody out there?

Oh, good! Hello there. :) It has been a little while, but don’t worry. I am still around! Some exciting news I have to share is that in a couple days I will be heading back to school to improve on my travel writing. I am extremely excited to learn more about travel writing so […]


Why I became a Travel Blogger…

Travel blogging does not always mean making tons of money, getting ‘free’ trips to locations around the world, ‘free’ accommodation or many others things you may think it means. I say ‘free’ because a fellow travel blogger, Kelly Ella Maz made a great point, “Nothing’s quite for ‘free’” It’s usually more so an exchange, not […]


5 MUST SEE Sights in Egypt!

There are so many places to see in Egypt, these are just a few that stood out the most to me while I was traveling in the country. Egypt is definitely having some off and on hardships but if you’re into history and being blown away by mind boggling structures built a long, long time […]