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Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Escape Winter in the UK for a Beach Holiday

September and October may be lovely months; though, they hold the inevitable promise… Winter is on its way. Temperature decreases and possibly the sight of snow… why are we still talking about winter?! It’s about time you started planning your escape! Venture to warmer climates to take the chill off and soak up some healthy […]

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15 Ways to Beat Jet Lag

Traveling overseas is an amazing experience… until you’ve arrived home and are DEAD tired at 1pm. You fall asleep in the most uncomfortable position with all your clothes on and wake up in a pile of your own sweat 10 hours later… wondering how I know this? (No I didn’t read your mind.) Unfortunately, this […]

Image by R. Mitra, used under Creative Commons license.

Solo Traveling: Important Questions To Consider

Solo travel is guaranteed to be one of the most influential things you will ever do. Not only does it offer you complete freedom to travel when and wherever you choose; but, also invaluable confidence and life skills. However, before you embark on a solo adventure, there‚Äôs a few questions you might want to ask […]

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5 Essential Travel Tips.

There are many different styles of travel available to meet the needs of everyone. You may choose to pack up your 85 litre backpack and go on an unplanned adventure around a country or you may choose to pack up your big suitcase and fly off to an all-inclusive resort for a week or two. […]