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Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Escape Winter in the UK for a Beach Holiday

September and October may be lovely months; though, they hold the inevitable promise… Winter is on its way. Temperature decreases and possibly the sight of snow… why are we still talking about winter?! It’s about time you started planning your escape! Venture to warmer climates to take the chill off and soak up some healthy […]

My Garden <3

Out of all the years I have lived in this house I have only had a garden twice, the first year and this year. Why is that?? Well, it’s mostly because when I planted a garden the first year I lived here people didn’t care and would actually just walk through my garden to cut […]


Weekend Adventure & Photos. <3

So, my last post was a bit deep. :O This one is all about what we did over the last two days. Sunday morning we drove down to Ashcroft, which is 5 and a half hours south of PG, to visit Monkey’s parents at their new home. It was a long drive and we left […]