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San Jose, Costa Rica!

Well, it has been an adventure!! We’re currently on our way to San Jose, Costa Rica … As in we are on a bus driving on the road and the bus has wifi!! How cool is that?! :P Thank you Desafio! :D Anyways, :P ….. We are on our way to San Jose right now […]

LOVE this Locust!! <3

Magsasay, Costa Rica.

     Magsasay is located deep in the cloud rainforest; it was a 4 hour travel day to get there. 1 hour boat ride, 1 hour drive and a 2 hour tractor ride into the jungle. The tractor ride is called the Costa Rican Massage because it is very bumpy!! The scariest part of the […]


San Jose, Costa Rica

     Well, this was the first stop on our 18 day trip! We arrived in San Jose at night and had booked that night at the hotel so we wouldn’t be late to our group meeting the next day. San Jose was nice, we didn’t really spend a lot of time here, most of […]