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Positive or Negative? It’s all about Perspective!

Perspective: A mental view or outlook. “Happiness is not a possession to be prized, it is a quality of a thought. A state of mind, perspective.” Perspective is an important skill to acquire. If used in a positive way it can benefit you greatly. Well, at least I am a firm believer of this. There is […]

Happy Holidays from Life, Love and Adventure ^_^

From our family to yours. Have a great holiday season. Fill it with unforgettable experiences and the pursuit of your passions in the New Year. May your future be filled with traveling & plenty of adventures!! — Dawn Kealing <3 Related articles Happy Holidays from our family to yours! (alumnifyapp.wordpress.com) Happy Holidays to All! (pensivewriter2013.wordpress.com) […]

The Step Pyramid of Djoser & Me! :P

Saqqara, Egypt.

The Ancient burial grounds of Saqqara served as a necropolis for the Ancient Egyptian capital, Memphis. There are many ‘step’ pyramids in the area, they get the name step-pyramids because they have a rectangular base  which as the pyramid gets higher there is a bench, or step. The sites of Saqqara and Memphis are two […]

Winter Wonderland.

Okay, so it is definitely winter outside here! From -25’C to a couple feet of snow in just DAYS!! It is insane!! Our days have been filled with endless amounts of shoveling just to get anywhere! The RCMP have issued a noticed to stay off all the highways and to even stay off the roads […]

Petra, January 2013

2013 Canadian Weblog Awards.

Well, unfortunately Life, Love and Adventure did not make it in the top 3 for the Travel category this year. But, that’s alright! I made it into the Top 5 which obviously means I must be doing something right, hey? Getting into the Top 5 was such an honor and I wanted to thank Schmutzie for organizing […]