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Spread Love and Love will spread!

The future is unpredictable and some may see that as a scary thing, I agree it is a bit scary. But it doesn’t always have to be a scary truth hanging over your shoulder. If you take that energy you use up stressing over what may or may not happen and embrace the fact that […]

Winter Wonderland.

Okay, so it is definitely winter outside here! From -25’C to a couple feet of snow in just DAYS!! It is insane!! Our days have been filled with endless amounts of shoveling just to get anywhere! The RCMP have issued a noticed to stay off all the highways and to even stay off the roads […]

2013 Canadian Weblog Awards – Nominee

Yesterday I awoke to a notification on Twitter, and WOW, was I ever surprised!!! This blog, Life, Love and Adventure, has been nominated under the categories Life & Travel for the 2013 Canadian Weblog Awards!!! To whoever out there nominated my blog, I thank you. <3 (more…)

Paradise <3

This song has been on repeat for the past month, since the first day I heard it. I LOVE it, so much!! I will admit that I cried for the first day or so that I listened to it because it just took my breath away. It is such a beautiful, perfect song. <3 The […]

Tin Tin’s Yarn Creations.

Hey! Check out my mother’s Facebook Page, it’s called Tin Tin’s Wool Creations. <3 She creates and sells beautiful handmade items made with wool and yarn. Some of her creations are shawls, ponchos, leg warmers, toques, fingerless gloves, headbands, bottle covers, boot cuffs, barefoot sandals and beautiful summer hats. Please take the time to visit […]