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Image by R. Mitra, used under Creative Commons license.

Solo Traveling: Important Questions To Consider

Solo travel is guaranteed to be one of the most influential things you will ever do. Not only does it offer you complete freedom to travel when and wherever you choose; but, also invaluable confidence and life skills. However, before you embark on a solo adventure, there‚Äôs a few questions you might want to ask […]


Go adventure & find yourself!!

  Stay tuned for tomorrow’s awesome post on the stunningly beautiful Colonial City of Granada! I will be covering what you can do while you are in Granada & close surrounding areas, cheap places to eat, many different activities to do while in Granada and MORE!! Stay tuned!! — Dawn Kealing. <3


Three Toed Sloth & Blue Grey Tanager in the Jaguar Rescue Center, Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica <3

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Is Traveling Safe?

Well, this is a question many people are going to have different responses and opinions on, but I will touch on my own opinions of this topic. Do you like to drink a lot of alcohol while you are traveling? Are you traveling alone, with a friend or with a tour group? What style of […]