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Life after Travel

Travel changes you, I am pretty certain anyone who has traveled the world would agree! Since the first time I started traveling I saw things differently, my perception of life changed. Traveling is a HUGE eye opener! Leaving my home country of Canada and traveling to some countries where a person’s monthly income is the […]

Squirrel Monkeys

Monkeys of Costa Rica & Facts

Costa Rica is such a beautiful place in the world to explore; I highly recommend it!! I’m pretty sure that 90% of all the wildlife I have seen in my life is from Costa Rica, no joke! Costa Rica has something for everyone, beaches, ocean, wildlife, hiking, snorkeling, diving, ziplining, bungee jumping and much much […]


Positive or Negative? It’s all about Perspective!

Perspective: A mental view or outlook. “Happiness is not a possession to be prized, it is a quality of a thought. A state of mind, perspective.” Perspective is an important skill to acquire. If used in a positive way it can benefit you greatly. Well, at least I am a firm believer of this. There is […]

Facing your fears.. Head on!

There are many things in life that I fear, just like everyone else; I know I am not the only one. Since I started traveling in 2012 I can tell you I have accomplished many things I never thought I would have, as well as faced a couple of my crippling fears! (more…)

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5 Essential Travel Tips.

There are many different styles of travel available to meet the needs of everyone. You may choose to pack up your 85 litre backpack and go on an unplanned adventure around a country or you may choose to pack up your big suitcase and fly off to an all-inclusive resort for a week or two. […]

Happy Holidays from Life, Love and Adventure ^_^

From our family to yours. Have a great holiday season. Fill it with unforgettable experiences and the pursuit of your passions in the New Year. May your future be filled with traveling & plenty of adventures!! — Dawn Kealing <3 Related articles Happy Holidays from our family to yours! (alumnifyapp.wordpress.com) Happy Holidays to All! (pensivewriter2013.wordpress.com) […]