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Life, Love and Adventure has joined Bloglovin’ !! If you would like to show us some ‘blog lovin’ you should go and give us a follow! :) I am still getting the hang of it, if you have any tips or suggestions please let me know! :) I signed up with Bloglovin’ in hopes to […]

Happy Holidays from Life, Love and Adventure ^_^

From our family to yours. Have a great holiday season. Fill it with unforgettable experiences and the pursuit of your passions in the New Year. May your future be filled with traveling & plenty of adventures!! — Dawn Kealing <3 Related articles Happy Holidays from our family to yours! (alumnifyapp.wordpress.com) Happy Holidays to All! (pensivewriter2013.wordpress.com) […]


3000 aka 3 Thousand aka Three Thousand!!!

What is so awesome about 3,000??? Yes it is just a number. BUT! 3,000 is the amount of viewers that have visited my blog as of today!! So exciting!! Most of all though… Thank you all so very much! I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for all of you! love love love — Dawn […]

New Trip!!!

So, we booked another trip… :O We probably shouldn’t have but we did, I most certainly am not complaining. :P It’s a little stressful planning a trip, especially when they are quite soon in the future and you technically shouldn’t be booking it because trips are not cheap. :P  So the story goes; I have […]