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Why you should travel young!

This is a quote from Jeff Goin’s article, “Why You Should Travel Young.” It is a GREAT read, check it out here: http://wp.me/p1EUL8-1n8 I love articles like this! Funny and so true. :) Unfortunately we don’t have all the time in the world, tomorrow is not promised so please, stop making excuses and just DO IT!! […]

New Trip!!!

So, we booked another trip… :O We probably shouldn’t have but we did, I most certainly am not complaining. :P It’s a little stressful planning a trip, especially when they are quite soon in the future and you technically shouldn’t be booking it because trips are not cheap. :P  So the story goes; I have […]


Weekend Adventure & Photos. <3

So, my last post was a bit deep. :O This one is all about what we did over the last two days. Sunday morning we drove down to Ashcroft, which is 5 and a half hours south of PG, to visit Monkey’s parents at their new home. It was a long drive and we left […]