Pros and Cons of All Inclusive Travel.

Well, this is my first all inclusive travel experience. It’s definitely very different then what I am used to. There is definitely some pros and some cons to this style of travel. All in all though it depends on the style of travel you like to do.

I’m just going to slightly touch on it today, not quite done my whole experience here yet so some new things may come up! :)

– If going ALL inclusive, your drinks and food should be covered. That is a win if you aren’t wanting to spend a lot of money on alcohol and food.
– It could possibly be a cheaper/more comfortable travel option. If you are alright with going to one place and relaxing on the beach eating and drinking all day sign yourself up for all inclusive!
– It is probably a better option if you are planning a wedding out of your country, especially with lots of guests involved.
– It may be a less stressful option for you instead of traveling all over a country. Some companies in the resorts may offer excursion packages.
– Depending on your resort it may have every facility you could hope for. Ex; A dance club, bar, gym, theatre, pool, restaurants, etc.
– Food, food and more food!! :)

– Staying in a resort might make you feel ‘trapped’ or as if you are not actually seeing a country.
– If you are staying at an All Inclusive resort be sure to make sure everything you are wanting to do is covered first. Ex; I went to make a local phone call and it was going to be $1.50US per minute.
– Booking excursions may be very expensive. In high tourist areas with resorts excursions may double, even triple the price they could be in other areas.
– Water is harder to come by than alcoholic beverages, as well as buying water at the local store can be very pricey.
– Resorts are very packed/crowded all the time. If you do not like large amounts of people going all inclusive may not be for you. Ex; Some resorts can hold as many or more then 8,000 guests!!

This is just a couple of each that I have listed. There is always more of each, once I am home I will have a complete list and a full post about my complete experience traveling this way. :)

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    Thanks for sharing this nice info expect some more in near future.


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