New Trip!!!

So, we booked another trip… :O We probably shouldn’t have but we did, I most certainly am not complaining. :P It’s a little stressful planning a trip, especially when they are quite soon in the future and you technically shouldn’t be booking it because trips are not cheap. :P 

So the story goes; I have always been looking at this specific tour because it had gone everywhere that we had not. Thomas started looking at it a couple weeks back and noticed it was on sale for 20% off which is a lot!! We contemplated it and started working towards it but then one day while out for our evening walk Thomas said, “So, we pretty much aren’t going on this trip.” I laughed and agreed even though it was sad it just didn’t seem possible. The next day we were talking to our CEO from our previous tour and we figured out that he was going to be the CEO for this trip too … :O Well … that sealed the deal. Thomas was hooked, we booked the trip and have managed to work our butts off and are going on another trip next month … O.O We are crazy!!!!! 

So, now, where are we going? If you know Thomas and I well you can probably guess because you may think we are obsessed with this part of this world, maybe I am … a bit. :P Yes, we are going back to Central America … for our third time in a year and a half :O

I LOVE Central America, it’s such a beautiful place, there is always so much to see and the people are so nice. :) We are going to see another Mayan Ruin site and hike some volcanos. We start in Guatemala but we really aren’t there for a long time then we head to Honduras -> Nicaragua and then we end in Costa Rica. Everything will be new to us except Costa Rica but I am even excited to go back there! :D 

We LOVE traveling, can you tell ?? :D I will be trying to update my blog every day that we are away, if we have access to Wi-Fi. :) I will also be posting on this blog’s Facebook page – … ‘Like’ my page to keep up to date with us on our adventures and follow this blog. <3 I’ll also be trying to add some pictures of our adventures on my Facebook page and on here. It just all depends on the Wi-Fi connection. 

One last thing, I also have an Instagram account, you can see some of my photos higher up on this page to the right. I usually post quite a few of my photos on there, if you would like to follow me my Instagram name is DawnKealing … simple right ?? Come follow me! <3

– Dawn Kealing <3


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