My First Helicopter Adventure!

Thank you Helidosa for such an amazing adventure today. We went on my first helicopter ride up the coast of the Dominican Republic. I got to experience it all from the co-pilot seat, best seat for sure!!

It was a breathtaking experience! The corals in the turquoise water was remarkable! There are two spots in the corals that are shaped perfectly like big hearts, absolutely amazing!! It was such a fantastic experience! Our pilot was super nice as well!

Our helicopter was a Bell 206 Jet Ranger/Long Ranger. It can hold up to 7 people, including the pilot. 2 seats in the front and 5 in the back, 3 forward facing and 2 rear facing.

It was such a thrill to ride in, the feeling as you rise up above the trees is like none other! If you have the option to take a helicopter your during your travels, or even around your home, I would highly recommend it! It will blow your mind!

All in all it has been a fantastic day so far! It was nice to get away from the resort for a bit, hopefully we will get the chance again! After the helicopter ride we arrived in the lobby. I was on my way to retrieve us some coffees when a peacock walked up to me. The man at the bar gave me peanuts to feed it, it really enjoyed eating them out of my hand.

So much fun! Today has been a fantastic day, still got a bit left. :) Planning to eat some dinner and then hit the gym. Possibly a swim in the ocean once the sun goes down.

(I don’t even mind the “feels like 41°C” that my weather app is telling me)

love, Love, LOVE!
Life is so good!! <3
— Dawn Kealing.

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