My Favorite Things of 2013! -&- Happy New Year!!! <3

Well well well, here I am! It’s been a little while, I know. What have I been up to? Well, I have spent most of my December working like a maniac & reading in my spare time. I finished a couple of books I really enjoyed and am now onto another series! We arrived back home on December 1st and got straight back to work. It’s been a very busy season!! I have been spending my free time lately reading, as well as I have come down with a bad case of writer’s block. :( As a travel blogger I find it funny that this month I have been so severely overcome by wanderlust yet because I am not traveling I have hit a roadblock with writing. But that stops, now!  2014 holds some completely new things for Life, Love and Adventure and I am very excited about it!! So, how about my favorite things about 2013 to wrap up this year! :)

My favorite book(s) of 2013 is a tough one!! I finished reading all of the current Mortal Instruments book series, there are 5 books so far, the 6th one comes out in May 2014 and I am excited!!

The Mortal Instruments Series

The Mortal Instruments Series

I just started reading The Hunger Games series though and I like them just as much! If you get the chance to read either series I highly recommend it!! :)

The Hunger Games Trilogy

The Hunger Games Trilogy

My favorite song of 2013 would have to be Paradise by Coldplay. The first time I heard it I honestly cried, that song relates to me deeply and causes me a lot of emotion. Definitely not bad emotions though, it’s just so perfect. <3

My favorite traveling adventure of 2013 would definitely have to be our trip around Costa Rica!! Costa Rica was such an amazing experience for me because there was SO much to see in terms of wildlife, volcanoes, vegetation, every assortment of adrenaline filled sports and a wide variety of local & homemade chocolates, coffee and food! Costa Rica has almost everything I look for when I am trying to find a destination to travel to! I say ‘almost’ because the one thing it lacks that I am a big freak over is Mayan Ruin sites, but that most certainly does not take away from how amazing it is. Just plan a bit longer of a trip and visit its neighboring countries in South America to see some breathtaking Mayan Ruin sites!! :)

A mama Blue Jean treefrog with tadpole baby on back!! :)

A mama Blue Jean treefrog with tadpole baby on back!! :)

My favorite new found app of 2013 would be Instagram. I didn’t create my Instagram account this year but I grew to understand it and learn about it this year. As well, I started to use it almost daily especially during our trips. My IPhone has been giving me a hard time lately with the top power button completely failing to work so I am unable to restart my phone, Instagram was not happy with the fact I had not restarted my phone in so long it decided to not let me post photos without a huge struggle so I was unable to post most of December. Anyways, I managed to drain my battery completely, hoped & begged my phone to turn back on once I plugged it back in and it did! Now Instagram is working well again, thankfully! :)


My favorite painting of 2013 would be of a mural on a small school in La Fortuna, Costa Rica. I LOVE it!!


My favorite blog/website of 2013 is a super tough one because I don’t have just one!! :O

  1. Nomadic Matt: I really enjoy reading Nomadic Matt’s website for all kinds of travel tips & help! He puts on classes to learn how to become a professional blogger, I hope to take his class one day in the near future! He’s one of the reasons I created my travel blog, other than my love of traveling and exploring the world. :)
  2. Bookmarks by Karen Mesa: I really enjoyed looking through the book lists & reviews on this blog! It’s a great read. :)
  3. Infinite Satori: I fell in love with Stephanie’s blog just with one look. Her photography is breathtaking and tells many different stories. :)

My favorite Life, Love and Adventure blog moment of 2013 would have to be when I found out I was nominated for the 2013 Canadian Weblog Awards, as well as when I made it into the Top 5 in the Travel Category!! Such an honor!! <3

My favorite recipes of 2013 would have to be Raw White Chocolate & Raw Brownies!! Put them together and you get Raw White Chocolate Brownie Bars!!!

Raw White Chocolate Brownie Bars <3

Raw White Chocolate Brownie Bars <3

And, finally… A recap of my favorite instagram photos of 2013!

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2 Responses to “My Favorite Things of 2013! -&- Happy New Year!!! <3”

  1. momfawn December 31, 2013 at 7:43 pm #

    What a wonderful end-of-2013 wrap-up! May I suggest either the Scarred Sun Trilogy (Dissension — Book 1; Destiny — Book 2; or Darkness — Book 3) or the Rio Crew novels: Summer of Blood, The Wolves of Rio Hevrir, and The Gardens of Delora Valley, all by my friend Carrie Baize. If you enjoyed The Hunger Games, I think you will like these. Happy 2014! – Fawn

    • dawnkealing December 31, 2013 at 8:15 pm #

      Perfect!!! I am always looking for recommendations on books, thank you!! :) I hope your year was just as great! :D

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