Long Nosed Bats, Tortuguero, Costa Rica

If you are a lover of adventure & many, Many, MANY different species of wildlife Costa Rica is a MUST for you!!

Tortuguero is a located in Northeastern Costa Rica, it is only accessible by airplane or a boat ride through canals up the coast. Our boat ride from Limon was about 3 hours long.

3 hours on a boat?! UGH, right?

Wrong!! The boat ride was such an amazing experience and was an adventure all on its own! We saw several howler monkeys along the way, many different species of birds, caiman, crocodiles, turtles and even long nosed bats (pictured below)!!

If you’re in Costa Rica I would highly recommend taking the trip to Tortuguero, which means Land of the Turtles. Tortuguero is well known by many travelers for its variety of turtles that end up on the beaches to lay their eggs before descending back into the ocean.

If you plan your trip right you may be able to spot some turtles nesting on the beaches or even little baby turtles escaping into the ocean!

Lesser long nosed bats hiding out on the trunk of a tree.

Lesser long nosed bats hiding out on the trunk of a tree.

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