La Fortuna, Costa Rica.

     La Fortuna is a small town located around the Arenal Volcano in Costa Rica. In order to get to La Fortuna we had to take another 1 and a half hour tractor ride back out of the jungle and then about a 3 hour van ride. The tractor rides were fun and traveling is always just another step in the adventure. When we arrived in La Fortuna we went right away to a company that offers tours and adventure packages but because our next stop was in Monteverde, Monteverde is famous for its 3rd longest zip line in the world, there wasn’t really any activities that stood out to us as something we MUST do. So we had our own little adventures. :D

A picture of the active Arenal Volcano. <3

A picture of the active Arenal Volcano. <3

     On the first day we arrived we walked to town to bring some laundry in because we definitely needed to do laundry!! We then explored the town with some of our friends who had walked into town too, we went to some fruit and vegetable stores and it was then that I realized my addiction to passion fruit. :O I think I ate about 9 passion fruits in La Fortuna… they were just SO delicious there! Monkey prefers the sour ones but all of the passion fruits I found were sweet and wonderful! ^_^ YUM! We continued on our adventure to a couple more stores because our one friend Lei wanted to find some new bikinis to buy, while she was trying some on I discovered an ice cream shop so, with the assistance of our CEO I figured out the names of the flavours and got a delicious ice cream cone. After Lei was all done shopping we headed back to our hotel to meet up with the group and see what everyone wanted to do for dinner. That night we all headed out to a restaurant called Lava Rocks, I am quite a tiny person but I think I surprised most of our friends on the tour by the amount of food that I can eat. :P When our orders came we realized they were really big servings, Thomas was talking to our friend Leo and they were saying I probably wouldn’t be able to eat all my food, but I did and it was delicious!! :D

The next morning everyone headed out to their activities and we slept it, which was AMAZING! While traveling I don’t mind getting up early in the morning because it’s worth it but when you get the chance to sleep in a bit, it is so nice! ^_^ After we got up and got ready for the day we headed out to some stores to get some coffee for our room, food and snacks. We stopped at another store that was owned by a Chinese couple and got some White Rabbits, which I had never tried before but found out they were delicious!! :D That store was also where I purchased my new, super cute cup that I recently took a photo with on my Instagram. :D I managed to purchase 5 postcards here so I was able to finally start writing to my 11 expecting friends and family members. :) After wandering the town we found this super cute coffee shop called My Coffee, where we had a traditional Costa Rican cup of coffee out of a special kind of coffee maker they use and it was quite interesting. The coffee that they have in Costa Rica is delicious, strong, and is very interesting to watch it brew in their “sock” style coffee maker. Costa Rica is overrun with wild dogs and it’s very sad seeing these super skinny dogs sleeping around everywhere just wanting some love but some have ticks and look quite rough so touching them is usually not a very good idea, even though they are so cute and look so sad. :( After coffee we headed back to our hotel to spend a little while relaxing in the sun by the pool.

That evening we experienced the craziest thunder, lightning and rain that I have ever been in. The lightning was so close and so bright, the thunder shook the building every time, it sounded as if trees were breaking. It was quite the experience!! But… then there was the rain too.. you know that saying, “When it rains, it pours” ?? I know that has an alternative meaning but that’s the best way that I can explain this kind of rain. If you were to step out into the rain for a couple seconds and then step back under shelter you would seriously be soaked to the bone! It was as if someone was chucking massive buckets of water down from the clouds. We were at the reception of the hotel using the internet, it didn’t reach the rooms, and decided we should probably get back to our room because it was really pouring down. Our only option was to run, as fast as we could, back to our room… well, our room was quite far from the reception so we got soaked!! I managed to put a bag over my important documents before going out into the rain and I am very thankful that I did or else everything would have been ruined. Once we got into our room we happened to notice that our roof was leaking.. >.< First thing, I told Monkey to make sure that it wasn’t dripping into our bags and then I packed everything back into my luggage just to make sure nothing got wet. Of course the water was dripping inside his luggage. :( All we could do was get his bag closed up and I put it inside of a garbage bag so it couldn’t get wet anymore. We tried to cover the beds as much as possible so they didn’t get destroyed by the water. Thankfully we had three beds in our room because the roof was leaking over two of them! I went into the bathroom and over the shower there is a light bulb and where the wires go in to the ceiling water was pouring out… O.O That was when I thought it would be a good idea to let our CEO know so that he could let the reception know our roof was leaking so they could save their beds and stop everything from leaking. A guy came and moved us into a different room so they could take care of the room so nothing got wrecked by the water. We got upgraded to a better room so that was cool! :P After a little bit the rain had finally stopped! We realized that we had not eaten any dinner or any food for that matter in a while. We went up to the reception area to see if anyone was up there and if there was any plans for dinner but only Lei and our CEO were up there. We asked if anyone wanted to go and Allan, our CEO, did so we started our walk to town to get some dinner.

     I was a bit worried that the crazy rain would start again.. it was pretty insane! Thankfully it didn’t so we were safe on our walk to town. We ended up going to the same restaurant we went to the night previous. Thomas ordered a Soursop drink made with water and it was very delicious, I had never tried it before. There was a lady there that made jewelry, Thomas had found some seeds that Allan said were called Oxen Eye, and he wanted one of them made into a necklace so while we ate dinner she made the necklace for him. Once we were done she showed it to him and he gave it to me. <3 I didn’t realize he was getting it made for me but I love it very much, I am currently wearing it right now. ^_^ After dinner we walked back to our hotel to go to bed, it was quite late at that point so we were all drained!

The best painting I have ever seen!!! I LOVED it soooo much! ^_^

In the morning we headed back into town, I think we probably walked to town about 10 times at least while there :P, we managed to find the Post Office so I could send my first 5 postcards and then we went searching for some breakfast. We ended up having a banana split for breakfast.. delicious but definitely not breakfast food! We also found a chocolate shop which of course we had to go in and investigate, we ended up purchasing a couple different kind of chocolate to try and it was yummy! After exploring the town some more yet not purchasing anything, though we should have, we headed back to the hotel to meet up with the others to go to the hot springs! They came and picked us up and we were off. The hot springs were lovely, there were lots of different temperature pools in case you were too hot or cold. They had three slides too, two were small and one was pretty crazy. While sliding down the big one they have a waterfall that of course blinds you by putting water in your eyes and then you enter a black hole and get thrown out the end. By the time you get to the end of the slide you’re so disoriented and you finally are able to see again, as you plummet into the water. :P We had a lot of fun at the hot springs and had a buffet dinner at that hotel afterwards. After dinner we headed back to our hotel to get some sleep because the next was a travel day! We were off to the most exciting place on the trip, Monteverde!! Stay tuned, tomorrow I will inform you why Monteverde was the most exciting, unless you saw my blog post/video that I posted yesterday… if not, go check it out now or wait for tomorrow! :D <3

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5 Responses to “La Fortuna, Costa Rica.”

  1. LaVagabonde June 23, 2013 at 11:50 pm #

    Which hot springs did you go to? I went to Tabacon Hot Springs when I visited many years ago. It was like the garden of Eden, so peaceful and beautiful.

    • dawnkealing June 24, 2013 at 2:26 pm #

      Hello! :D

      We went to Los Lagos Hot Springs close to the Arenal Volcano. It was a lot of fun. :) We got dinner included in our visit so that was a bonus! :D

  2. Tanya P June 26, 2013 at 4:56 pm #

    Awesome love the pics!!


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