It’s time to travel… Next stop, Copan!!! <3

Antigua, Guatemala is such a small, cute town. We got a tour of the place with our good friend yesterday, just before the thunder and lightning started. As a child I was terrified of both but after going to Costa Rica and experiencing the true power and seeing the beauty I came to appreciate and enjoy thunder and lightning. If you have not been to Central America you may not realize or know of the intensity of the rain and lightning here. It blew me away the first time I experienced it. Just imagine, it is raining and you step out from under shelter for just a moment and it as if someone poured bucket upon bucket of wanted on you in that split second. :O I’m serious… It’s pretty crazy, but I LOVE it!!

Anyways, today we leave beautiful Antigua to travel to Copan!!!! I am SO excited! ^_^ Some may find the Mayan Ruins to be boring but I absolutely love them. My first tour that I ever took was the Mayan Discovery and we pretty much went from ruin site to ruin site. Even the sites that some may consider not as impressive took my breath away. Copan will be just the same! <3

Here's to a wonderful travel day, so worth it to see the Mayan Ruins tomorrow. <3 Life is so good!!! ^_^

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