How I Plan to Give Back while Traveling!

First of all I would like to thank Jodi from Alpine Resort for this amazing seed that she planted in my brain!

We are getting ready to go on another trip in the next couple days, well, sort of getting ready… I haven’t started packing yet. Oops! Anyways! Tonight I was on Twitter and Jodi brought up a great idea!

“Bring clothes you don’t want & leave them there. Children’s clothes if you can.”

This sparked an interest inside me. I am all about going out of my way to help others. So I began to dig around on the internet to look further into what I can do to leave a positive impact while I am in the Dominican Republic. I found a couple great websites and organizations that will actually come to your resort and pick up the supplies, clothes, etc. that you want to donate to the community. How AMAZING!!

Well, just when I wasn’t sure how I was going to fill my suitcase for this trip my problem has been solved!

I am planning on bringing some school supplies to donate, it’s the least I can do!

If you are traveling to the Dominican Republic, Punta Cana to be specific take a look at these great organizations!

(Click on the icons below to open the organizations webpage)



 The Family Travel Network is great as well; they suggest great organizations and have tons of information on helping out and giving back as well as travel information!


No matter where you’re traveling there may be an organization that you can help! If you google ‘Organizations to give back to the local community’ and your travel destination something should pop up to help you get more information! It’s worth taking a look at! I know it will make we feel better giving back to the people in countries with large amounts of poverty, if I am there why not try and do what I can to help out?

Even if you are staying at a resort there may be an option for an organization to come to your resort and pick up what you have brought to donate! Look into it, please! It doesn’t hurt, it hurts if you don’t do anything.

– Dawn Kealing. <3

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