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Danger, should you let it hold you back? PART 1

**Disclaimer: Life, Love and Adventure & fellow collaborators are in no way recommending anyone to participate in potentially dangerous activities; as well, we in no way are responsible if injuries may occur during said activities. — Please evaluate your own physical capabilities before taking on a tasking or potentially dangerous activities. Have you ever looked […]

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5 Essential Travel Tips.

There are many different styles of travel available to meet the needs of everyone. You may choose to pack up your 85 litre backpack and go on an unplanned adventure around a country or you may choose to pack up your big suitcase and fly off to an all-inclusive resort for a week or two. […]

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Is Traveling Safe?

Well, this is a question many people are going to have different responses and opinions on, but I will touch on my own opinions of this topic. Do you like to drink a lot of alcohol while you are traveling? Are you traveling alone, with a friend or with a tour group? What style of […]