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Recipes I have made and can assure are absolutely DELICIOUS!!! <3

Raw white chocolate on the bottom with raw brownie on top!

Raw Vegan White Chocolate Brownie Bars

Last night I made my absolute favorite raw treats! I have been really into raw ‘uncooking’ for a long time now, it usually takes way less time to create and I feel better when snacking on them. I find it funny how I started making raw dishes and learning more about raw food while I […]


Photo of the Day #16: Cooking.

Made some spaghetti tonight but didn’t have any pasta sauce. So, we made some! :D Don’t have an actual recipe but there was Walnuts, Pecans, Roasted Peppers, Herbs, Hemp Hearts, Kalmata Olives, Green Olives, Balsamic vinegar, Kale and there could possibly be other yummy stuff in there! Yum!! Tastes way better than it looks in […]

Raw White Chocolate Brownie Bars <3

Raw White Chocolate Brownie Bars. <3

So…. I did it and WOW is it ever delicious!! What did I do, you ask?? I put together two of my favorite raw treats and made one AMAZING treat, called… Raw White Chocolate Brownie Bars :O If you would like the recipe check out my Raw Brownie recipe post —> here <— and my […]

Raw, Vegan, Taco ‘Meat’

Only 5 ingredients, super quick and easy to make plus, it’s delicious!! <3 I like to serve the final product in a cleaned out, halved raw green pepper. ^_^ Raw, Vegan, Taco ‘Meat’ Ingredients: 1 cup walnuts 10 sundried tomatoes, soak for an hour at least before processing. (If packed in oil, no need to […]

Step by step, #'s correspond with directions.

Raw Brownies !! <3

Mmmmmmm, isnt the name delicious all on its own? Maybe, Maybe not?? :P Maybe You just really need to make these and see for yourself how truly delicious they are! Do it!! To make it EVEN better, it’s only 5 ingredients!! Raw Brownie Ingredients: 1 cup Pecans or Walnuts 1 cup Dates 5 Tbsp Raw […]

Raw White Chocolate <3

  Raw White Chocolate is not actually chocolate, at all. But, it is SO delicious and a quick easy treat to make when you’re craving something sweet and healthy. It’s only 3 ingredients and takes me about 15 minutes to prepare! :D YUM! Raw ‘White Chocolate’ Ingredients: 3cups shredded, dried coconut 1tsp vanilla extract 1/4cup […]