Capilano Suspension Bridge, Vancouver, Canada.

Capilano Suspension Bridge is a suspension bridge that crosses the Capilano River. The bridge is 140 meters long and 70 meters above the river.


I may be a bit afraid of heights.. excuse my death grip on the bridge. :P

The first suspension bridge in this location was built by a man named George Grant Mackay in 1889, later owned in 1910 by Edward Mahon, in 1935 it was sold to Mac MacEachran and then again sold in 1945 to Henry Aubeneau. Everytime the bridge was sold to a new owner they changed the bridge in a way to make it better. The original bridge was made of cedar planks and hemp rope, the first change the bridge received was wire cable instead of hemp rope in 1903. In 1935 Mac MacEachran welcomed the local natives to place their totem poles inside the park and in 1956 the bridge was completely rebuilt.


The park was then sold to, its current owner, Nancy Stibbard in 1983.

The park, over the years, has added more activities. In 2004 Treetop Adventures opened which consists of walkways built 30 meters up the side of the canyon.

Treetop Adventures

Treetop Adventures

Just recently, in 2011 the Cliff Walk opened. The Cliff Walk runs to the right of the suspension bridge is relatively the same height as the bridge. The Cliff walk as you may have guessed from the name runs along side of the cliffs of the canyon, the pathways consist of wood in some spots and, very strong, glass in others. It’s a bit scary for those afraid of heights -ahem, VERY SCARY. Walking on glass 70 meters above a river in a canyon is a bit nerveracking but definitely a thrill!


The Cliff Walk

  At the end of all the adrenaline and excitement of the activities in the park you get to leave with a certificate that says, “I Made It” for bragging rights. Haha. 


I Made It!

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