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Travel Bingo Games for Wanderlusters

Travel Bingo Games for Wanderlusters For too long, people have called bingo a hobby only played by grandmothers, but in recent years it has resurged as a favorite pastime for Millennials, especially among young women. According to Horslaga, every four out of five female gamblers are bingo players, which isn’t all that surprising given all […]

Masaya Volcano, Nicaragua

Destination Guide: Colonial Town of Granada, Nicaragua

The Colonial town of Granada is one of Nicaragua’s most important cities! Granada got its name from Hernández de Córdoba; he chose the name after the Spanish city of Granada! There are many things to see in Granada, for instance, the beautifully colored colonial buildings, churches, cathedral, the pristine Lake Apoyo, a bird’s eye view of the […]

Tikal, Guatemala! <3

UK Vacation – Flight Planning Tips

Travel planning can be exhausting at times; viewing website after website and in the end you’re still left wondering what you’re going to do?! It doesn’t have to be that way! There are many sites out there to make your planning experience a breeze; one of the most important websites you’ll come across while travel […]

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The Best Beaches in Nova Scotia

Guest post written by Jess of My family and I have been coming to Nova Scotia for summer vacations and beach holidays for as long as I can remember. What continues to bring me back again and again is the incredible diversity of beaches in Nova Scotia. There is something for everyone.   Whether […]

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Escape Winter in the UK for a Beach Holiday

September and October may be lovely months; though, they hold the inevitable promise… Winter is on its way. Temperature decreases and possibly the sight of snow… why are we still talking about winter?! It’s about time you started planning your escape! Venture to warmer climates to take the chill off and soak up some healthy […]

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What is travel?

Is travel a 12 hour flight across the ocean? Is travel flying to a new country? Is travel flying to a new city? Is travel getting in your car and driving to a new town? What is travel to you? I’ve always felt as though there is a misconception of what travel really is. Travel is […]

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Top 20 under $20 | 20 things to do in BC for under $20

Traveling doesn’t always have to be expensive; it’s all about what you’re looking to get out of it. Recently we partnered up with to bring you the Top 20 things to do in BC for under $20 Canadian dollars! British Columbia offers an abundance of experiences, no matter what you’re into, there’s something for […]

Broken Iphone, Protect your Phone

SaharaCase & Gorilla Tempered Glass – Review & GiveAway!

Being an adventure traveler there’s one piece of equipment that I find essential; a good cellphone case! It’s almost a daily occurrence while traveling that I drop my phone. If it were to break it’s not only a lot of money to repair or replace but a complete loss of communication, as well, a lost […]

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Top 3 Moderate Hikes in Northern British Columbia

Northern British Columbia has an abundance of dense forests; many of which have trails, maintained by the province and public, accessible to the general public to hike. These hikes tend to vary from Easy to Moderate to Intermediate. Today we’re talking about moderate hikes in Northern British Columbia; three to be exact: Teapot Mountain, Raven […]

Guardian Aerospace Infographic

Taking to the Skies with Guardian Aerospace, Prince George, BC

I’m certain that I’m not the only one that loves hopping in a plane to far off destinations; 30,000+ feet above the earth, looking down upon the dwarfed mountains and landscape which, on land, typically towers over us. I used to think, “Wow, what a breathtaking sight!” flying 30k+ feet over the Rocky Mountains in […]