An Adventure Traveler’s Guide to Jordan

Adventure traveler’s destinations don’t come much more spectacular or enjoyable than Jordan. Here’s an adventure guide to Jordan to create inspiration of places to see while in the country. Not only are the locals friendly and very welcoming, but there are numerous opportunities for hiking, cycling, and climbing, both guided and of your volition. The Trek to Petra, which is the best known of the country’s hiking routes, has been voted as one of the best in the world by National Geographic, and there are many other high quality routes to enjoy too.

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Al Khazneh (The Treasury)

Jordan primarily offers a desert landscape and, as such, many of the activities available are related to this. You can take on expansive hikes that culminate in some of the most incredible Roman ruins, while those that enjoy eco-tourist getaways are also well catered for. Spend the night under the stars, with a virtually unfettered view of them, learn to cook desert style, and try your hand on dune buggies, all-terrain vehicles, or mountain bikes.

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Greco Roman ruins of Jerash | Jerash, Jordan

4x4ing, Desert, Wadi Rum, Bedouin Tent, Tea, Jordan

4x4ing through Wadi Rum, Tea at a Bedouin Tent

Petra is a 3rd Century city carved from the rose coloured stone of Mount Hor. It was built by the Nabataeans and is a UNESCO world heritage site. If you are thinking visiting then bear in mind that, like the rest of the region, it can get incredibly hot during the summer months and during the peak of the day. Visit early in the day and during autumn or spring for more pleasant conditions and smaller crowds.

Hikes can take anywhere from a couple of days to a week before you arrive in Petra, and you should prepare for a challenging trek. Fortunately, you can arrange alternative hikes that will leave you closer to the city and only take around 3 to 5 hours to get there.

Hot Air Balloon, Balloon Ride, Wadi Rum, Desert, Jordan

Hot Air Balloon over Wadi Rum

The Wadi Rum is a popular destination for those looking for adventure. A tour with Encounters Travel enables you to get involved in rock climbing, camel trekking, and hiking through the desert region, over the incredible rock outcrops, and on to the Dead Sea.

The Dead Sea is the lowest point on Earth and is a great spot for all of the family, even those that can’t swim. The salty waters make it very easy to float. Aqaba, on the coast of the Red Sea is another popular spot, offering snorkeling boat trips and the opportunity to see arguably the most incredible reef outside Australia’s Barrier Reef.

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Swimming (Floating) in the Dead Sea

If you don’t already have Jordan on your adventure holiday radar, then it is time to add it. Take on one of the world’s most highly rated treks, look around stunning pink hued ancient cities, float on the unbelievably buoyant Dead Sea, and go snorkelling around the Red Sea’s stunning reef.

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