7 days! O.O

The countdown has started! Well, I don’t actually have a countdown :P I have a “I need to get A LOT done in the next little bit of time aka stress countdown.” xP

There is a lot of stress when it comes to planning a trip, most of the stress comes from procrastination though which is my own fault. I actually started packing last night which is a really early start for me; I usually pack a night or two before we go. Packing is hard though, especially for longer trips because I don’t have a lot of clothes. So if I pack all the clothes I need for the trip away then I have nothing to wear until we go. :P So, I came up with a plan and started packing last night. I packed all of my clothes and everything, now I will live out of my suitcase until the day before leaving, wash up all my clothes, pack them all back away and leave! 

Some may find that to be quite inconvenient but oh well, I am used to living out of a suitcase from traveling anyways. I am so excited to go away again!!!! Like SO excited!!! I don’t care if it is the rainy season; I am excited for the rain and the lightning storms!! <3 I am a little nervous but mostly excited to meet our new group. O.O It should be all good, either way! :) 

We are down to the crunch now, not much left to do but we have to make sure we don’t forget to do something that is possibly important! :) 


Helpful tip: Make a list!!! It really helps. :)

Got any helpful tips yourself that you always follow when traveling?? Feel free to share, I’d love to hear them. :D

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