5 Essential Travel Tips.

There are many different styles of travel available to meet the needs of everyone.

You may choose to pack up your 85 litre backpack and go on an unplanned adventure around a country or you may choose to pack up your big suitcase and fly off to an all-inclusive resort for a week or two.

Those are not your only options though.

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The hardest part of packing .. deciding whether to pack your cat or not. :D

There is a step in between as well, taking a guided tour of a country or even countries with a tour company. This is usually my method of traveling unless is within Canada, my home country. The main reason why I choose this method of travel is because I don’t have the advantage of taking as much time off as I would like to explore every area of the world. If you go through a tour company you get to choose which tour meets your needs of things to see and gives you a travel time frame that may be more realistic. I also recommend this way of travel if you are wanting to see the most of a certain location in a short period of time.

Regardless of your method of travel there will always be ways to make traveling easier for you.

  1. When traveling it is always essential to have emergency cash on you, cash as in bills, not travellers cheques or vouchers. If your bank cards decide they do not want to work while you are traveling abroad at least you will have something to hold you over until the problem is solved. A recommendation I would give for where to store this emergency money while you are traveling would be inside a money belt or undercover holster that fits nicely under your clothes and is not noticeable. If you decide to use a holster instead of a money belt I highly recommend keeping your passport and cards stowed away in their as well. *** Be sure to keep your passport sealed in a waterproof Ziploc bag if the holster is right against your skin. I had the pleasure of getting water damage on my passport the first day of my first trip because I didn’t have it sealed away in my chest holster. *** 

    Eagle Creek has a great money belt. (As pictured)

    Eagle Creek has a great money belt. (As pictured)

  2. Packing lightly is essential for traveling because even if you are going to an all-inclusive resort to relax for a week or so you do have to pack your luggage around while traveling and you may be subject to fees at airports if your bag is overweight. We are all guilty of over packing while traveling, it takes time and experience to realize what you may really need to bring when traveling.
  3. Having the right travel equipment & clothing is essential in order to be comfortable. My recommended piece of luggage is my current ‘The North Face: Base Camp Duffle‘ luggage. It comes in many different sizes, not only is it a duffle bag it also has shoulder straps so it can be used as a backpack and is almost completely waterproof. I have used it for most of my travel throughout Central America and I absolutely love it!! Good luggage is a MUST; if you put your luggage on a plane and it gets destroyed you may have some issues to deal with at the beginning of your trip. Secondly though, traveling with good clothes is a must as well. If you can find lightweight, waterproof or water resistant, fast drying clothes they will help you out significantly. I always travel with my ‘MEC Terrena Pants’, the feature that sold me on these pants is that they have an elastic closure on each pant leg hem to keep bugs out. For places that have a lot of mosquitoes these pants are lifesavers! I have not purchased any travel specific shirts yet so I just travel with several t-shirts, but I plan to get some travel shirts that wick moisture away from your body in order to keep comfortable.

    The North Face - Base Camp Duffle

    The North Face – Base Camp Duffle.

  4. Medical supplies and a first aid kit are essential!! You don’t have to pack your whole luggage full of these types of supplies but it is definitely important to bring some essential items. I would say essential items would be alcohol swabs, many different shapes and sizes of bandages, moleskin or blister cushions, anti-diarrhoeal tablets, anti-inflammatory tablets and any prescription drugs you may be taking. If you think about the sizes of each of these items it hardly adds to the amount of luggage you will be carrying.
  5. A new travel essential I have recently picked up on our past few trips is packing along food throughout our travels! Before leaving for on your journey go to your local grocery store and pick up some of your favorite granola bars. Bring them along for those times when you are dying of starvation and don’t have the option to eat. *** I have been on flights where the plane has run out of food, food for purchase as well as the snacks… Not so ideal, and hopefully that’s unlikely to happen normally but it’s better to prepared. As well, if you have long travel days, taking more stops just makes the travel day longer. If you bring food along it makes it more bearable to stop less for food and snacks. ***

These are just a few of the travel essentials I always follow, they are tried and true by me and hopefully they will help you in your future travels as well. :)

— Dawn Kealing.

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  1. Danielle November 12, 2015 at 5:44 pm #

    That money belt! I haven’t seen one like that before. Brilliant. I got really tired of my big one getting all sweaty and rubbing my belly raw. No fun! Thanks for the tips :)
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