22.10.13 – Change & Final Travels back to Canada.

Well, today we flew home. It was a long travel day for us, mostly because of airport complications. Our flight this morning was delayed almost two hours but that was alright because we had a long layover at the next stop. Then in Dallas, Texas their computer systems were down so we stood in line for 2 hours slowly making our way through. After finally getting through customs we had to go through security, apparently everyone goes through the X-ray body scanner instead of the metal detectors… We were not alright with that, so Thomas and I asked for a pat down. It was an inconvenience for them but it was our right so I am glad they allowed us to do it. After our long drawn out experience through customs and security we had 10 minutes to spare before boarding our flight. Anyways! We are in Vancouver for the night safe and sound, relaxing, tomorrow we head home. :) My photo for ‘change’ is my leftover currency from our trip – Guatemalan Quetzal, Honduran Lempira, Nicaraguan Cordoba, Costa Rican Colones and the American One Dollar bill.


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