10 things to do around Prince George & surrounding areas!

I love traveling the world; it is something I want to spend the rest of my life doing as much as possible! But, I feel like I should take a moment to post some things to do around my home! Here is a list of places & things to do in Prince George!


Devil’s Club in the Ancient Forest

  1. Hiking: This is one of my favorite things to do here in Northern BC because there are SO many places to go hiking! Forests for the World, Ginters, LC Gunn Park, Cutbanks, Otway, Moore’s Meadow, Cottonwood Island and Ferguson Lake, to name a few within PG. There is also The Ancient Forest and surrounding trails about an hour and a half drive East of Prince George, Teapot Mountain which is about an hour’s drive North of Prince George and Jasper National Park, located about 3 hours East of Prince George.
  2. Rock Climbing: My newest addiction. :D A brand new climbing wall just opened up in the Golf & Curling Club right in town! It’s pretty awesome; I highly recommend checking it out! Last night we took a, Learn to Belay, class! :D It was a lot of fun!

    Purden Ski Hill, Snowboarding, Purden, Prince George, British Columbia, Skiing,

    Thomas hitting some Powder (snow) at Purden Hill! You’re almost guaranteed gorgeous sights at any ski hill in this region!

  3. Snowboarding & Skiing: Snowboarding is so much fun and even better up here in the north because we get so much snow! There are many hills around which can accommodate to your skill level! There are 4 hills around Prince George, the Hart Ski Hill, Tabor, Purden and Powder King. The Hart Ski hill is located right in the city just up on the Hart Highway, Tabor is located about 30 minutes East of Prince George, Purden is located about 1 hour from Prince George and Powder King is located about 2 and a half hours from Prince George.
  4. Walking: There are many places to walk around town; obviously you can walk anywhere as a way of transportation but just going out for a nice afternoon walk is great! There is Masich where you can walk around the track, do some stairs and/or pretty much any exercise you would like. Rainbow Park is a nice place to go for afternoon walks or picnics! Connaught Hill is a nice hill to walk up in the summer with a snack and eat your lunch with a viewpoint of the city.
  5. Paintball: There is a company called Predator Paintball located just by the Prince George Airport that offers rentals and a paintball park for you to play some games with your friends!
  6. Water activities: There are quite a few lakes around Prince George that are accessible if you would like to go boating, swimming, kayaking, canoeing, fishing or anything your heart desires that has to do with water! We have Summit Lake and Bear Lake, located about 1 hour North of Prince George. Tabor Lake, located about 15 minutes east of town. Purden Lake, located approx. 1 hour east of town. West Lake located just out of city limits to the East of Prince George. Shane Lake in Forests for the World is a nice lake to bring a non-motorized boat for a day fishing trip! There are so many lakes in and around Prince George! :) This is just a few of the popular ones.
  7. Support local businesses: There are many small local businesses in Prince George. Check out some thrift shops, new and used book stores, clothing stores or even check out the public library! Check out the Two River’s art gallery as well after the Public library, they are about a 1 minute walking distance from each other.

    Two Rivers Gallery, Prince George, British Columbia, Canada, 2015, 2015CanGames, Canada Winter Games,

    Two Rivers Gallery, located in the downtown core of Prince George. **Free Admission on Thursdays!**

  8. Movie Theatres: Check out Prince George Cineplex for daily movies that are in and see if there is one you’d like to watch! If you go on Tuesday’s you get a discount! :) Another cool option is during the summer we have a drive in theatre called the Park Drive In! It’s usually open on weekends and located approx. 30 minutes out of town on Chief Lake Road, Hart Highway.
  9. Farmers Market: Every Saturday Prince George has a farmers market! During the summer months it is located on 3rd Avenue in front of the Courthouse and in a building on 6th Avenue behind the keg and during the colder months of winter it is only located inside the building right behind the Keg on 6th Avenue.
  10. Fitness Gyms: There are many gyms in Prince George. There is the YMCA, Gold’s Gym, Women’s Zone, Northern Sports Center, X Conditioning, Aquatic Center Gym and many more. If you’re interested, take a look at a couple of different gyms around town and see which one fits your needs! :)

These are just some of the things I really like to do around Prince George; there are still so many things to do! Swimming at our two local swimming pools, water slides at Esther’s Inn and the Casino hotel, take a night out in one of our higher rated hotels, check out some of our local nightclubs or have a nice dinner date at our classy restaurants. There is SO much to do! There is no reason to be bored. :)

I hope this list helps out when you feel like you have nothing to do!

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  1. Faylinn February 16, 2016 at 9:57 am #

    My husband wants to take our family to Prince George for our children’s spring break. I have never been there before, but I am sure that I would be okay with going there as long as we stayed in a hotel and not at a campground in a tent. Despite my not wanting to sleep outside, I would totally be up for some kayaking or swimming around the lake. Do you know what the water temperatures are like around springtime? I am just wondering whether or not we should plan on any water activities if we are going during that time of year.

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