Christmas in Egypt

In December 2012 we packed our bags and set out for an adventure throughout Egypt and Jordan. We traveled for three weeks which included Christmas and New Years. Though, we didn’t anticipate celebrating Christmas as it would traditionally be celebrated back home in North America… come to think of it, I am not sure if I even saw one Christmas tree while we were in these countries.

Without planning it I realized we were going to be spending Christmas Eve sailing from Aswan to Luxor on a Felucca (sailboat) and sleeping under the stars on the Nile River. It was a truly gorgeous experience… If I am not convincing enough, take a look at some picture I took of our journey.

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Going Away for Christmas Without your Furry Friend? Check out DogVacay!

Are you traveling abroad to spend Christmas with your loved ones or to visit a different climate? Stressed about being prepared for your upcoming holidays? Wanting to find the best option for your loved, family dog to not feel abandoned by your absence? Be sure to check out DogVacay to make sure your furry friends are taken care of while you’re away! You might be wondering, “How does this service work?” Well, take a few moments to check out the video below, don’t worry, it’s only 90 seconds! ;)

Find a Sitter for your Precious Pup!

Did you know there are MILLIONS of dog sitters throughout North America? DogVacay has more than 20,000 on their platform alone!

Saying that, there’s a very good chance you will be able to find a dog sitter close to home or even give your precious pup the chance to travel to a dog sitter of your choice, as well as choice of location! You also have the option to have your pup watched in your own home or the home of an insured and trusted dog lover. If this isn’t convenient… I don’t know what is!


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Ashley @ A Southern Gypsy Interviewed :)

I have had the pleasure to work with Ashley on many occasions in the past year; just from email correspondence you can tell she is a very lively and bubbly lady as well as passionate about travel. Earlier this year Ashley did an interview of me and this blog (Life, Love and Adventure). After the interview I wrote a guest post to feature on her blog of my favorite place in the world… Costa Rica! :) I figured it was about time I introduced my readers to this lovely lady, she’s gearing up to experience the long term travel lifestyle in the next few months.

Make sure to keep in touch with her adventures in Southeast Asia and beyond through her blog, A Southern Gypsy!

Ashley in Venice

Ashley in Venice

Tell us a little bit about yourself… I’m Ashley- the creator and mastermind behind A Southern Gypsy - an outdoor adventure travel blog.  I’m a 20-something female who about eight months ago decided to trade my Nashville life in for a life of adventure and travel.  Slight problem – I needed to save up money for that so from then and for the next 6 months I’m doing just that before I head out to Southeast Asia in November.

Where in the world have you been? I’ve been all over the United States, Canada, South Korea, and a majority of western Europe.

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Maya Civilization | Uxmal, Mexico

Uxmal (Oosh-mahl) is a Maya Civilization located in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico. Designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1996, Uxmal’s art and architecture represent a pinnacle of the late Maya; as well as being one of the best maintained and restored archaeology sites in the Yucatan. At its time Uxmal was home to around 25,000 Maya and flourished around 600-1000 A.D.

Pyramid of the Magician

Maya Civilization | Uxmal Pyramid of the Magician Pyramid of the Dwarf

The Adivino | Pyramid of the Magician

The Pyramid of the Magician, also known as the Pyramid of the Dwarf, standing at 115 feet tall plays a part in the most popular Yucatan Maya folklore. This ancient tale says,  Continue reading

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Maya Civilization | Chichen Itza, Mexico

Chichen Itza is a Maya Civilization located in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico. At its time it was one of the largest Maya cities; nowadays it is one of the most visited Maya sites in all of Mexico. On the date 07/07/07 (July 7th 2007) Chichen Itza was elected one of the New Seven Wonders of the World. As well, Chichen Itza is a World Heritage Site.

El Castillo

Temple of Kukulkan also known as, El Castillo | The Castle

The name Chichen Itza in the Mayan language means  Continue reading

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Maya Civilizations of Central America

This month I am starting up a topic featuring many different Maya civilizations throughout Central America. Ever since I visited my first Maya city I have been hooked. I am on a quest to see them all and learn their history.

Mayan Ruins of Central America

Jaguar Temple, Tikal

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Travel Writing

As my Travel Writing course comes to an end I am rather sad yet thrilled about all the new and exciting knowledge I have to bring forward in my blog writing! The course has been a great learning experience; I feel honored to have gotten my travel stories read and critiqued by the delightful, Vivien Lougheed!

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Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse – 15/04/14

In all my years of living I have never seen an eclipse, last night I got the chance to change that! Unfortunately it always seems when there is some astrological activity going on in the skies in my city tends to be cloudy.

Last night I pulled out my handy dandy Iphone to check on the weather, instantly disappointed by how it said the skies were cloudy… but, I did not give up! I put on my shoes and stepped outside to take a look for myself.

This is the beautiful sight I was fortunate enough to see…

Lunar Eclipse - April 15th 2014

Lunar Eclipse – April 15th 2014

If you missed your chance at viewing the ‘Blood Moon’ you don’t have to feel too bad because there is another lunar eclipse coming up… Continue reading

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Life, Love and Adventure interviewed by Couples Travel Adventures!

I was thrilled when I was contacted by Couples Travel Adventures to be featured in an interview. Their blog is bright, cheery and beautiful!

Be sure to go see for yourself and while you are there check out our interview! :)


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Storytelling …

As the tears fell from my face, I knew I had come to the right place.

Sitting there on the porch in a chair, that was far too small for the both of us, we watched. Listening to the jungle sounds around us, captivating us, we watched.

As the little lights began to flicker around us we just sat still taking it all in. The one and only time I have sat in complete darkness and have not been terrified. I felt safe.

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